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Q: What should I wear/bring?

A: I get asked this question more than anything. Please check the main site under the Categories list for “What to Wear” posts for ideas on how to coordinate your group. You can also google “What to Wear Wednesdays”, or check out Pinterest to browse through many more ideas.

I firmly believe that your portraits should reflect the real you! Bring your favorite pieces, incorporate your favorite color(s), and bring as many outfits as you’d like. I love color, so don’t be afraid of that either!

WHAT NOT TO WEAR – Please leave your matching white shirts at home. Despite popular belief, it’s not the best color to wear for photographs in outdoor lighting. The only thing I recommend that you DON’T wear is, of course, solid color matching shirts/tops, anything with writing on it, or any tops/shirts that are similar to your skin tone. You don’t want anything distracting from you, or washing you out.

Please contact me once you’ve chosen your location so I can help you coordinate with the colors of the surroundings from your session location(s).

What I believe is most important when deciding what to wear in portrait sessions – Each person should retain the style of their individual self, not change who they are for that day, but also tie in together as a group.  Families and couples should try to “coordinate”, not be matchey-matchey.  For example, if big sister Sue always wears her favorite jeans and boots, don’t try to take that away from her on the day of her portrait and make her wear a skirt and heels she can’t stand.


*** You don’t have to purchase all new clothes for your group session, either. Do you have a great yellow top that you love, and your husband has a blue button-up shirt that he loves? Find blue accessories for yourself (chunky blue bracelet & blue necklace), and throw a yellow tie on him, and voila!  If you all wear black often, have lots of favorite pieces in your closet already, and love it’s comfort and how it slims, this is quite common.  Please take a moment to think of how easy it would be to accessorize each person in an accent color to individualize each of you, so you’re not all completely matchey-matchey.  p.s. Charming Charlie’s is an awesome store to help with color-coordinated accessorizing!

Ladies, think about different ways you can change up your hair with each outfit change to make the most out of your session’s different looks. If you’re bringing those fun, sassy high heels (which is fabulous!!!), please bring some comfy footwear to wear between takes as we walk around.

If the kiddos are “in to” anything at the moment, bring what you can for us to incorporate too. I want to capture everyone how they are, at this moment in time. (Video games, skateboard, sports stuff, fun accessories, stuffed animal, mp3 player, favorite toys, musical instruments, etc.)

Also, for the kiddos, let me know if you’re interested in me bringing props such as chairs, pettiskirts, tutus, ties, hats, etc. for their fun individual pics.



Here’s a great example how this family chose a red, brown & tan color scheme to match my Holiday Mini Session custom set-up:


And this is a perfect example of how one sweet mom accented solid black shirts with grey accessories to individualize each person.  Note: Big sister loved her super cute knit hat!





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