Real Producers Photo Shoot Locations

L  O  C  A  T  I  O  N  S

Each person has a different type of setting that fits their own personal style best, and may not even know it yet until after a conversation with me where I get to know them a little better.  Others may immediately be drawn towards the colorful and urban areas or more traditional garden / forest settings.

Please remember that you have the option of more than one location within your session timeframe.  For example, if you like the idea of getting some images taken around a quaint downtown area with neat buildings before heading to a a wooded lake park for the rest of the session, please let me know because more than likely I already have those locations scouted and know exactly where to take you.

If you have a location in mind that isn’t on this list, tell me about it – I love shooting at new locations! And yes, I can do sessions at your home too. Do you have a unique place that includes land with a barn, horses, etc.? Do you know of a beautiful field filled with sunflowers right now that you’d like to have your portraits taken in?  Please please please do not hesitate to let me know!

For a list of locations that I shoot at regularly, and to get an idea of the different “styles” of setting close to you, I’m presenting a list below.  I also have plenty of other locations that I either know of, or have done sessions at that are a little more unique or out of the way.  (Example: Baseball/football fields, antique gas pumps, flight/plane museum, open country fields, etc.)

Please feel free to give me a call at 972.998.3133 or email me at to discuss what works for you so we can customize your session to fit you.

* Downtown Roanoke area – modern, rustic, vintage, downtown sidewalks, urban, field

* Fort Worth Botanical Gardens – lake, rustic, gardens, traditional, architectural elements ($50/$75 permit fee associated, depending on which garden(s) are utilized)

* Fort Worth Design District – modern, graffiti, murals, downtown sidewalks, coffee shop

* Fort Worth Stockyards – rustic, modern, colorful, traditional, urban, canal, stones, covered areas, stairs 

* Fort Worth Trinity Park – ponds, modern, graffiti, traditional, rustic

* Eagle Mountain Lake Park – rustic, traditional, wood structures, cactus, open fields, wooded pathways

* Grapevine Botanical Gardens – rustic, traditional, garden, wooded area

* Grapevine Lake Parks – rustic, traditional, garden, wooded areas, beach

* Grapevine Vintage Railroad Station – rustic, modern, colorful, urban, train tracks, train cars

* Grapevine Gaylord Hotel & Convention Center (indoors) – modern, traditional, fountain, architectural elements ($13 Parking Fee)

* Southlake Town Square – modern, traditional, architectural elements, fountain, gazebo (best for morning sessions)

* Bob Jones Nature Center (Southlake) – traditional, rustic, barn (permit & fees required)

* Bear Creek Park (Keller) – traditional, rustic, bridge, garden, rustic fence

* Denton Square – modern, urban, traditional, rustic, architectural elements, colorful

* Denton ‘s TWU Campus – traditional, fountain, pond, architectural elements

* Lake Lewisville Park – traditional, rustic, lake, beach, large stones, wooded areas

Flower Mound Murrell Park  – traditional, rustic, lake, beach, cliffs, open field areas

* Flower Mound Stone Creek Park  – traditional, rustic, bridge, creek, stones

Note: All Arlington Parks require permit and fees to be processed at least 48 hours prior to session date.

I’m located in the North Fort Worth area of Haslet, Texas, but I travel all over the metroplex for sessions.  There may be an extra travel fee if I’m driving 30 miles outside of Haslet.  Clients are responsible for covering any parking, entrance, or permitting fees associated with a location.  Please contact me for more details.


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