All images are copyrighted (intellectual property of Desiree Roberts Photography), and the type of rights to use those images are licensed to you, based on the photo session purchased.

  • Real Estate/MLS Listing – Temporary Usage Rights
  • Commercial/Marketing – Permanent Usage Rights

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Real Estate / MLS Photo Session: The client is granted Temporary Usage Rights to use those images for the lifecycle of the listing (until the property is either sold, rented, or the MLS listing ends/otherwise goes off the market). If you need to re-use images for more than a single one-time listing, you will need to purchase permanent usage rights.

Commercial/Marketing Photo Session: The client is granted Permanent Usage Rights to use those images with no expiration date, for all marketing purposes, and are provided in both MLS sizing, as well as high-resolution.

The images purchased are non-transferable and cannot be given away, bartered or sold. The client who pays for the images is the only one who has the rights to use the images. For example, when a realtor pays for temporary usage images, or an investor purchases permanent usage images, neither can give those images to the builder, designer, remodeler, stager, etc.

If you (or a 3rd party) are interested in the rights to use existing images on a property from a previous photo session, please contact me for pricing/info.

Desiree Roberts Photography must be credited for the images purchased when published in any capacity (print or web).

Legal action will be taken for any misuse or theft of copyrighted images.

Learn more about Copyright Laws:

National Association of Realtor (NAR) publication on Copyright and Intellectual Property, please click HERE.

NAR article on image ownership and more legal information, please click HERE

For US copyright law, please visit the United States Copyright Office website.


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